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How You Can Train Your Mind To Do The Impossible

How You Can Train Your Mind To Do The Impossible | Mental Health & Emotional Wellness |
We know that the human brain is a powerful organ, but many of us aren't aware of how much the mind is truly capable of -- and much more powerful it can become through deliberate training.

Via Lorna Christensen
Dr. Amy Fuller's insight:

The benefits of meditation and how it can literaaly change your brain. 

Lorna Christensen's curator insight, August 5, 2013 5:24 PM

A short video clip with some interesting facts about meditation leading to increased gamma wave activity, which is where the mind is when it's integrating experience at all levels. This is necessary for working through traumatic and scattered memories. So - go meditate! And try Twin Hearts Meditation for a great 20 minute health boost - the benefits of meditation + compassion. You can find it on-line.

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