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Negative Emotions are Key to Well-Being

Negative Emotions are Key to Well-Being | Mental Health & Emotional Wellness |

Negative Emotions are Key to Well-Being

Feeling sad, mad, critical or otherwise awful? Surprise: negative emotions are essential for mental health.


Anger and sadness are an important part of life, and new research shows that experiencing and accepting such emotions are vital to our mental health. Attempting to suppress thoughts can backfire and even diminish our sense of contentment.


Instead of backing away from negative emotions, accept them. Acknowledge how you are feeling without rushing to change your emotional state. Many people find it helpful to breathe slowly and deeply while learning to tolerate strong feelings or to imagine the feelings as floating clouds, as a reminder that they will pass. I often tell my clients that a thought is just a thought and a feeling just a feeling, nothing more.

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Dr. Amy Fuller's insight:

We learn so much about ourselves when we are aware and allow our negative emotions with a sense of curiousity. Learning to walk alongside instead of up against our negative emotion is important to our emotional health.  

Randy Bauer's comment, May 3, 2013 12:10 AM
We can be mindful of our negative emotions, just as we can our positive emotions. Nonjudgemental. Overtime, negative emotions may be experienced less.
Pamir Kiciman's comment, May 3, 2013 10:43 AM
A lot of insight in those so called negative emotions. When they are truly heard, they tend to integrate better, and become harmonious.
Maria Teresa Frezet terapeuta olistica's curator insight, June 7, 2013 3:52 PM

The point is always the same... If we refuse something, this comes back even bigger! Whike if we accept we are made of different parts (emotions), without putting an excessive judgment on it, we will soon experience a real balance and a steady well-being!


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